Israel’s war on Gaza and the attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been nothing short of devastating and unconscionable.

The support needed for Gaza and other communities across Palestine is unprecedented. Pressure Cooker Arts has resumed activities after a period of remaining fallow. And Palestine is our priority, via two current projects.

Palestine – [reframing the narrative]

The war on Gaza has sorely demonstrated how little the public in the West knows about the history of Palestine, and how poorly our mainstream media cover everything ‘Palestine’.

Pressure Cooker Arts is proud to be partnering with the UK-based charity, Makan, on this project designed to reframe the Palestinian narrative.

Covering key chapters in Palestine’s history, from Balfour to Israeli apartheid, it aims to provide a brief and engaging introduction to Palestine’s recent history, and some insight into the current horrors being perpetrated by Israel with broad Western support.

This project is in development. If you would like to know how you can be involved or support this important project, we’d love to hear from you.

Gaza, you’ll never walk alone

We are lining up a major list of artists, celebrities, athletes and academics to launch this fundraising campaign, with all proceeds going to two organisations working on the ground in Gaza – UNRWA and Médecins Sans Frontières – and the UK-based, Palestinian-led charity, Makan.

We can’t say too much at this time but if you are any of the above looking to get involved, and getting hold of a cool, unique t-shirt that shouts ‘solidarity’, please email PCA today.

Launching soon. Watch. This. Space.

About Pressure
Cooker Arts

Pressure Cooker Arts was originally co-founded by Aimee Shalan and William Parry, whose working relationship began at Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). After creating and seeing through a number of ambitious and important projects – with a particular focus on creating links with communities in Gaza – Aimee returned to MAP as its CEO and is now Director of Makan, an educational organisation working to strengthen the movement for Palestinian liberation, and Chair of British Palestinian Committee. William entered Oxford’s fundraising community and continued freelance feature writing. Pressure Cooker Arts was, pardon the pun, put on the back burner. Until now.

The unbearable destruction and devastation that’s been unleashed against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank has given Pressure Cooker Arts a new purpose.

William remains the director of Pressure Cooker Arts and is busy creating and organising several projects to support Palestinian communities.

There’s never been a more critical time to engage and Pressure Cooker Arts looks forward to your involvement in this. Collaborations, financial support (or both!) and networking will help ensure our work has impact and relevance, making a difference at home and in Palestine.

Please get in touch today. Thank you.